‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Episode 5 Recap


Every week, I get more and more into this show. It’s dialogue is hilarious and quotable, but not in the “insert funny line here” way. Interactions are funny–looks between the characters make me laugh. Everyone has great chemistry and a great dynamic, which was in full display this week.

Dean Winters (the guy from the mayhem All State commercials, among other things) guest stars as The Vulture, a major crimes cop who always swoops in at the last minute to steal almost-solved cases from the members of our favorite precinct. Jake won’t ask for help from any of his coworkers, so one of his murder cases goes unsolved for so long that Holt brings it up. Of course, once Jake, Rosa, and Amy start to make progress on it, The Vulture shows up.

The A-plot of this episode revolved around the crew (minus Terry, Gina, and Holt) getting drunk and then working together to solve the case. The dynamic has really gelled beautifully, coming into its own. Brooklyn Nine-Nine has the confidence of a much older show.

Our second plot revolved around Holt trying to get Terry certified to carry a gun again, even though he’s been skittish when shooting since his daughters Cagney and Lacey were born. Gina’s randomness, while annoying in high doses, set off the personalities of her two superiors who happen to be tough, black men.

I guess this recap has gotten a little gushy, but I’m very excited about where this show can go. Such a young, diverse cast with such great chemistry never seems to make it onto my TV anymore. With The Office and 30 Rock over and Parks and Rec on its way out, I really think Fox might have the next big one on its hands if it plays its cards right.

Quotes from this week:

  • “I would never steal his thunder. I’d be afraid to borrow it.”
  • Breathe air into your lungs like you’ve done your whole life.”
  • “Dr. Jacob Peralta who has a PhD in slow jam studies from Funktown University.”
  • “Do you carry a hairdryer in your purse?” “I’m not an animal.”

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