‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Episode 6 Recap

b99 2

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is continuing to find its voice, and at just the right time too. In case you haven’t heard, FOX gave the sitcom a full season order this week and an extra vote of confidence by giving it airtime behind the Super Bowl along with New Girl. I, for one, couldn’t be happier for the show. Sometimes you get a quality program that fails because the network doesn’t have enough confidence in it, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to be a problem for Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

There were a lot of classic sitcom tropes in last night’s episode, most of which were spawned from the fact that everyone was paired off with their opposite. Jake and Holt, Rosa and Terry, and Santiago and Boyle all shared screen time, each with their opposing personalities bouncing off one another. Something about Jake’s whole scheme and flashback explanation scene reminded me strongly of Barney’s elaborate plays in How I Met Your Mother. “Challenge accepted” is one of his trademark phrases. But it didn’t feel stolen or stale in this episode of Brooklyn. It felt like a great way to play to this show’s strength–which is its ensemble cast.


Jake makes a bet with Holt (with paperwork duties and pride hanging in the balance) that he can steal the captain’s medal of valor from his office. Holt locks it in his office safe, making it nearly impossible for Jake to gain access. Unless, of course, he has the support of the whole force behind him. He sets up a string of “failed” schemes to distract the captain while his coworkers are slowly but surely making their way to stealing the medal. For once, Jake isn’t the hero and Holt isn’t the omniscient force in the office.

I also appreciate how much this show seems to know itself. How many funny callbacks have we seen to Gina’s dance troupe, Floorgasm? The traits of these characters are consistent from week to week–not just something to fill out a script. I love that Terry is always talking about his daughters or that we can attribute Amy’s hatred of Halloween to the fact that her seven brothers probably tormented her every time the holiday rolled around.

I’m kind of nervous for the inevitable misstep episode because there hasn’t been one yet. No show can go without one in its first season, but Brooklyn Nine-Nine has kept it pretty solid so far. What do we think? Will it be next week with episode seven? Or later in the season after the Christmas hiatus? Time will tell, friends.

“What would Bill say?!”


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