‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Episode 4 Recap

b99 2

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is rapidly becoming my favorite new show of the 2013 season. It helps that there’s not a lot of strong new stuff to choose from, but here is a sitcom that is regularly funny and seems to be improving every week. Although last week’s episode was called “The Slump,” I have yet to see a lull in the show.

Last week showed improvement by giving supporting characters storylines of their own, beginning to turn their caricatures into actual characters. This week, Brooklyn Nine-Nine made another smart move when it split Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) up for most of the episode.

The dynamic between the two has been funny and interesting so far–Samberg’s spazzy physical comedy playing well against Braugher’s incredibly dry (like Sahara) humor. But the relationship would get stale pretty quickly if it was all that was showcased every week. Time to shake things up.

This week, it was Det. Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero) facing off against Holt, with a nice running joke that the captain is impossible to read. Certain that he is in a bad mood, she spends the episode running around trying to figure out how to make him happy eventually enlisting Terry in doing an oil painting of him after he throws out the picture of himself that has been hanging on the precinct wall. Fumero, like Samberg, is actually pretty gifted with the physical comedy. Amy may be straight-laced and neurotic, but she’s also desperately eager to please, making for some pretty great moments (“Are you bowing?” “No…this is just how I walk.”)


The other side of the episode, entitled “M.E. Time,” involved Jake having to learn how to play secondary to Boyle. The two of them, along with Rosa, are on the case of a dead fat man (fat jokes galore) who appears to have died of natural causes, but obviously there’s a twist in our future. Jake, along

with having a hard time taking orders, also jumps into bed with the medical examiner. She is a little too into her job, preferring to act out sexual fantasies involving dead guys. (“Weird or sexy?” “Weird.” “And sexy?” “No. Just weird.”)

I loved the development of Boyle, who so far has just been a sad, hardworking but incompetent detective. Rosa, too, is starting to show cracks in her April-from-Parks and Rec demeanor.

All in all, great episode with some genuine laughs and a killer cold open.

Quotes of the week:

  • “Witnesses have said he has trouble fitting lettuce in his mouth.”
  • “Apparently has the world’s smallest penis and doesn’t know how to use it.”
  • “Fantasy threesome…of cops on a case.”
  • “Do you even want your purse back?!”
  • “You guys have been down here for two hours. What, did you have sex like 40 times?”

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