‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Episode 3 Recap


I’m happy to report that several characters in the developing Brooklyn Nine-Nine were given more to do in this third episode, entitled “The Slump.”

The title and the focus of the episode revolved around Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) again. That’s probably going to be the norm for this show, which isn’t a bad thing. I’m just glad that our supporting cast is being given more to do, because they’re really what supplied the funny this episode.

Sergeant Terry was given an alter ego, Scary Terry (“This is taking too long! I’m going to miss the farmer’s market!”), which is when regular Terry says what he’s actually thinking. Terry spent the episode trying to construct a mega dollhouse for his daughters, which gives his plenty of opportunities for physical comedy and bonding with Charles, who apparently had the same dollhouse as a child.

Meanwhile, Amy and Rosa spend the episode trying to connect with “at-risk teens” in order to get them to sign up with a future cop program, which is close to Holt’s heart. Amy has no idea how to be cool with kids and probably never did, while Rosa’s tough-talking girl from the streets act falls flat, too. It’s administrator Gina, who isn’t a cop but was once an at-risk youth, who gets the kids to sign up by telling them that they get to run red lights and carry a gun (but only after showing them her “passion” and interpretive dancing around the room to Christina Aguilera).

Basically, all of our usual supporting cast (Amy, Rosa, Terry, Charles, and Gina) were given something to do this episode and turned out funny moments, which is exactly what they should do every episode.


For the main plot, hotshot Peralta has hit a bit of a slump lately. He’s cursed when it comes to closing cases, which means that Amy is pulling ahead of him big time on the closed cases scoreboard. Holt pulls him off all his cases and puts him on desk duty until his mind numbs and he solves one of his cases. He needed to get out of his head, and we are treated to yet another example of Holt mentoring Jake so that he can reach his potential as a cop.

I’m sort of wondering where this show will go once the “Holt teaches Jake a lesson” bit gets old, but I trust Brooklyn Nine-Nine so far. It seems to have a ton of confidence, and it’s definitely been making me laugh.

  • “What did I say about doing voices?” “I’m a storyteller, sir. It’s my craft.”
  • “Narc!”
  • “Black people can sell drugs!”
  • “We’re becoming homies.”

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