‘The Newsroom’ Finale Was Sure It Wasn’t Just a Massive Bag of Douche

So misunderstood.

So misunderstood.

Was it just me, or did The Newsroom finale feel a little…wrapped up?

Sure, Jeff Daniels has insisted on Twitter and other public platforms that the show is coming back for a third season on HBO, but nothing has been officially announced, and the finale of the season read like a finale of the series: “Well-intentioned but misunderstood group of journalists learn their lessons and pay for their arrogance but are still good people who live happily ever after.”


The reason I much preferred season two to season one was because things weren’t so tidy. People made mistakes, and not just of the cutesy, awkward physical comedy variety. There was moral gray area, which made for much more interesting characters.

The idea that Mac would accept Will’s proposal less than an hour after he revealed how much trouble he had gone through to deliberately cause her pain is both ludicrous and out of character for Mac. It sends the message that her whole life has been hinged on Will taking her back for several years now, which is vomit-inducing. The romantic comedy rushing around to find her to propose that Will did was both cliche and trying to build non-existent suspense. She’s not getting on a plane! She’s not going anywhere, so stop pretending like finding her is life and death and just look for her calmly like a normal person. I also had a hard time believing that Will could just get over whatever mental block that kept him resentful of Mac for six years in a single instant, but I guess I’ve never been publicly condemned for a cooked story.

Don and Sloan kiss, hooray!

Don and Sloan kiss, hooray!

There were parts of the finale that I enjoyed. I love that Maggie and Jim’s dynamic has switched from star-crossed lovers to supportive friends, and I hope Aaron Sorkin and his writers are smart enough to keep them that way if there ever is a season three. I loved that Don and Sloan finally kissed, and that she was the one to do it because that’s how Sloan does things. Get out of her way. I loved any scene with Marcia Gay Harden or Taylor, the Republican. I hope both of them show up again.

But I guess the reason that it took me almost two weeks to write any thoughts about The Newsroom finale is that it disappointed me. I’m always expecting more of the show than it gives me, although it does give me glimmers of hope sometimes (which is all the more frustrating).

A few weeks ago, a Funny or Die video parodying the first ever scene of The Newsroom appeared online. It is hilarious and wonderful and describes pretty much all my frustrations with this show (along with my love for it). If you didn’t happen to see it, you should click on this link and watch. Although you might want to familiarize yourself with the original opening scene again as well.

Oh, well. Maybe it will continue its trend of improvement and be even better in the unconfirmed season three.

To end it all, here are some good lines from the finale:

  • “I make friends everywhere I go.”
  • “Cutting off your own hair. That’s alarming.”
  • “The mob is right.” / “Are you sure they’re not just loud?”
  • “You wanna split a pizza?”
  • “Are you sure you’re not just a massive bag of douche?”
  • “I want Dantana to iron his clothes while wearing them!”

One thought on “‘The Newsroom’ Finale Was Sure It Wasn’t Just a Massive Bag of Douche

  1. Nice commentary Lauren.

    Yes it was tidy, and wrapped – but it is possible that at the time – they might not have known what the future would hold. I understand your reasoning but if you think about it – all the tidiness will have to become undone in a third season. They’ll need a news story to focus on Like Syria, or the government shutting down, or the MLB drug suspensions, but they’ll also have to overturn the tidily wrapped packages – the Mac/Will is only an engagement, and the Sloan/Don, is only a first kiss – and quite likely we’ve not seen the last of Jane Fonda’s Leona or her gerbil son.

    I am personally hoping for a third season – but maybe nothing is being said because rather than opening at the usual time of the year, they are fit into a post super bowl slot in early February 2015. Anyay if they do go for a third, I am sure you will be there reporting as I will I.


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