First Look: ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’


Brooklyn Nine-Nine had several things going for it last night. First of all, it stars Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher. One is a renowned and respectable actor providing the dry side of the humor, and the other is a young comic fresh off SNL looking to prove himself. Hey, doesn’t that sound like a sitcom itself?

The second plus is that this show is riffing serious cop dramas, which I tend to watch a lot of. Truthfully, I watched two episodes of Law and Order: SVU yesterday evening, which made Brooklyn Nine-Nine funnier. Spoofing cop humor is great because there’s a lot of material to work with.

And the third thing the show had going for it? Brooklyn Nine-Nine premiered right after Dads, which could make an episode of 20/20 look hilarious.

The show isn’t another mockumentary, but it does have some of the same visual style as The Office or Parks and Rec. It’s a single cam show filmed in a handheld style with flashbacks to sometimes humorously demonstrate a point. Love the style.

The actors also seem to have good chemistry and bounce off each other well. Samberg stars as Jake Peralta, a gifted, man-boyish detectives who prefers to joke around instead of take things seriously on the job. Braugher plays Captain Ray Holt, his straight-laced, hilariously dry boss who wants the kid to grow up. Holt is also openly gay, providing Braugher a nice chance to play against typical gay television stereotypes.

The cast rounds out with the other detectives: uptight, overachiever Amy Santiago, tough girl Rosa Diaz, and weird, skittish Charles Boyle. We also have the sergeant Terry Jefferds and the administrator Gina Linetti.

Good, funny cast–all have their quirks with room to grow from characters into real people. I have incredibly high hopes for this one, and I’m really rooting for Andy Samberg to take the next step in their career. Everybody watch!


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