NFL Picks – Week Two


So…last week was really bad. To give you an idea of how bad my first week picks went, I am FIFTEEN points behind the next worst person in the pool. Fifteen.

So I had to change the approach this week. Clearly, all my cutesy pop culture instincts and karma vibes were not cutting it last week.

This week, you’ll notice that I stuck to the ESPN predictions much more rigorously. I’ll be honest–this is a fear week friends. Most of these picks have nothing to do with me and everything to do with the stats.

1. St. Louis and Atlanta

Pick: Atlanta

Points: 12

Atlanta is favored on the scoreboard. This has the added bonus of me not having to pick St. Louis.

2. Cleveland at Baltimore

Reigning champs.

Reigning champs.

Pick: Baltimore

Points: 10

Have to go with the Super Bowl champs on this one. Plus they’re ridiculously favored.

3. Carolina at Buffalo

Pick: Buffalo

Points: 2

So Carolina is favored on this one, but not by a ton. Buffalo is at home, I didn’t put too many points on this game, and it’s nice to have a couple upsets. Plus, you know, Scam Newton.

4. Minnesota at Chicago

Pick: Minnesota

Points: 1

So Chicago is my team, but Minnesota is my constant underdog. Being that most of the people in this pool are from Chicago, they all tend to pick the Bears. If they lose, this one point that I have on Minnesota could really help me out. And if they win, I can be happy for them anyway.

5. Washington at Green Bay

Pick: Green Bay

Points: 11

So Washington really bombed last week (what the hell, RG3?), and Green Bay lost, but held their own with the 49ers. This seemed like a pretty clear pick to me.

6. Tennessee at Houston

Pick: Houston

Points: 15

Solid scoreboard pick. If this one goes south, I’ll be in a lot of trouble.

7. Miami at Indianapolis

This is what a solid, successful college quarterback turned pro looks like. Heisman aside, Manziel will never be half the quarterback Luck is.

This is what a solid, successful college quarterback turned pro looks like. Heisman aside, Manziel will never be half the quarterback Luck is.

Pick: Indianapolis

Points: 6

Indianapolis is only favored by one, but I have faith in Andrew Luck. Plus I still hate Miami.

8. Dallas at Kansas City

Pick: Dallas

Points: 3

I only put a couple points on this one because it’s one of my few upsets. Kansas City is supposed to be pretty good this year, but I think Dallas could come through. Somewhere out there, my old college roommate is rooting for them hardcore.

9. San Diego at Philadelphia


Michael Vick surprises us all.

Pick: Philadelphia

Points: 13

Philly shocked the world last weekend by actually playing well–something that was not expected this year. Hopefully they’ll wipe the floor with San Diego. Sorry Manti.

10. Detroit at Arizona

Pick: Arizona

Points: 4

I know that if I pick against Detroit (and the entire state of Michigan) one more time and they win, I’ll have to bite the bullet and start picking them. But right now, the wound is too fresh.

11. New Orleans at Tampa Bay

Pick: New Orleans

Points: 9

All right, fine, Drew Brees, I forgive you for the One Direction commercial. You won last week and you’re heavily favored this week, so I’m going to go with you.

12. Denver at NY Giants



Pick: Denver

Points: 7

I don’t want to underestimate either Manning, but I think Peyton is the safer bet. Either way, it will be a great game to watch.

13. Jacksonville at Oakland

Pick: Oakland

Points: 14

Oh, God, I picked Jacksonville last week to avoid picking the Chiefs. Man that was stupid. Hopefully this will right that wrong.

14. San Francisco at Seattle

Pick: San Francisco

Points: 5

Seattle is just slightly favored, but San Francisco was one of the few picks I actually got right last week. Let’s hope they don’t let me down again.

15. Pittsburgh at Cincinnati

Pick: Cincinnati

Points: 8

Again, Cincinnati is heavily favored. I’m not really going for any funny business this week.


Last week, I said, this could go really, really poorly. Obviously it did. I’ll let you know if I’m down 30 points next week.


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