‘Graceland’ Episode 12: “I Like a Little Heat”


“I like a little heat,” Jakes tells Briggs when the runaway agent apologizes for leaving him with the mess.

And finally–finally–we got a little heat.

And I’m not even just talking about the kiss between Paige and Mike, although that did deliver some of the romantic grist I’ve been begging for all season. You’re going to put a girl in a bikini for 75 percent of her scenes and then not have her hookup with anyone all season? I don’t think so.

And Paige finally (!) said something interesting: “That wasn’t about me. You’re lost, Mike, and I’m not the answer,” she says after he kisses her in a Briggs-obsession fueled mania.

But the real heat of the episode came from the mad scramble for control and understanding in the house (how funny was that scene of everyone reacting in the interrogation rooms?) and the eventual power shift that occurred between Mike and Briggs.

The storyline with Jangles is all wrapped up, and we found out what we already knew in our hearts: Briggs was not responsible for the deaths of his fellow agents in the house. The heroin addiction that he picked up in Mexico wasn’t a “just because” method of torture–it was to get information out of him.

But that still doesn’t explain/excuse a lot of things. Briggs still was the heroin dealer, Odin (WHY? Will that ever be made clear?). He did still drunkenly shoot Juan. And he managed to get away with both of those things by framing other people in the eyes of the FBI.

But Mike knows something about Briggs is off. Maybe Charlie is going to pull her hair out with grief and guilt over the fact that she didn’t trust Briggs and almost got them both killed, but we all know she was right. And Mike still suspects it.

If you didn’t know, USA renewed Graceland for a second season this week, which means we’ll get to see these characters develop in new situations next year. What really interests me is the change in Briggs and Mike’s relationship–with Mike a deputy director in DC now, he’s not the green rookie who can be pushed around. And what is Briggs? A good guy? A bad guy? An anti-hero? The situation is just complicated enough that I want to tune back in to figure out the answers, and isn’t that what TV is all about?


3 thoughts on “‘Graceland’ Episode 12: “I Like a Little Heat”

  1. I think they’ll open with a Graceland Agent getting killed – likely Paige, and that will get Mike out of HQ in DC, and back to the beach. And you are really right on when you say that we STILL DON”T KNOW if Briggs is good or bad.

  2. They can replace her. If you recall they opened with a different woman in the pilot, she was replaced by Paige in the next episode. As for Jakes, he was dormant most of the season. They created a story line for him with his busted marriage and desire to see his son. But you are right he could easily go.

    And if Briggs is really BAD, then he’d have to kill Jakes.

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