‘Graceland’ Episode 11: “You’re Going to Get Me Pregnant”


It’s all coming to a head on Graceland.

I feel like I’ve finally determined the rhythm of this show–rather than go for explosive revelations, it opts instead for the slow and steady tension build. Which is really not what I was expecting from what is essentially a USA cop show.

The intense dual-montage between Charlie getting ready in the morning and her Federale (who is actually Jangles) lining up his torture kit was chilling. Charlie–as in control as she seems–has been steadily unraveling ever since she shot up heroin several episodes back. She feels isolated within the house and Whistler’s death torments her, and as a result she put herself into a partnership with someone she doesn’t know and beat the pulp out of a drug dealer for no particular reason.

“I’m OK, Johnny,” she says into her wire.

But is she?

The house is paired off now: Briggs and Jakes (who finally has a purpose on the show!), Mike and Paige, and Charlie and Johnny. Each pairing has a strong bond of trust, but the fact that these groups exist is splitting the house into factions. Paige tells Mike, “I can’t tell if it’s Briggs’ fault…”

“Or if it’s mine,” he finishes.

As the audience, we’ve been clear on Mike’s intentions all along, so it’s hard to label the situation everyone is in now as his fault. Briggs murdered Juan on accident, but other than that, we don’t know what he has or hasn’t done. He is Odin, but why? Does he have a heroin addiction? Is he somehow responsible for the burning down of the original house?

I don’t think Graceland is making him into an antagonist, but is he an anti-hero? He’s making his move to leave the house, but how far will he get before the others catch up to him?

In other news, Jesus, they will put Paige in a bikini whenever they can, won’t they? At the beginning of the episode, she rolls under Briggs’ car in a bikini and jeans (what?) so we can get a good view of her cleavage. And then she dresses up as a knocked up, hoop-earring wearing ex-girlfriend to help find Juan’s car. I’m not saying Paige isn’t a great DEA agent or a strong capable woman. I’m just saying that the show clearly wants to remind you of how hot she is at every possible opportunity.

In contrast, Charlie gets a shot of her topless from behind as she’s changing, but that juxtaposes with a purpose against Jangles gruesome torture toys. The only time Paige is covered up is when she’s actually in a bullet-proof vest.

Lastly, I’m a huge fan of Charlie and Johnny’s relationship, which is half brother/sister, half sexual humor. It’s sweet and protective but also funny and sexy.

Now, can we please have at least someone hook up with someone next week? Mike and Paige? Charlie and Johnny? Someone? I can’t have a guilty pleasure summer show without something that actually constitutes guilty pleasure.


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