‘Graceland’ Episode 9: “I Can’t Be Here Right Now”


Oh, spare me.

So far, I’ve been wrong about one thing this season–that Briggs’ mystery love from another time was Paige. We find out in this episode that it’s a dead girl named Lisa, which is ten times less interesting because we don’t know Lisa and we don’t care about her. Which is all I’m trying to say to the people running this show: we don’t care about side romances. Do I care about Mike’s ex, Abby? No. Do I care about Briggs’ dead girlfriend, Lisa? No. Do I care that Johnny has a massive crush on the bartender that gives him tips? No.

Well, I care about that one a little bit. Just because Johnny’s so pathetically adorable when he says, “She hates me.”

What I care about in this show is the tension between its main characters. So when Charlie sees Johnny naked in the shower–good. When the camera zooms in on Paige touching Mike’s hand as he wakes up in the hospital–good. See the trend?

Paige herself continues her pattern of being all boobs and feelings with no credibility, unlike her counterpart, Charlie. She pesters Mike to let her in all episode after trying her hardest to break up him and Abby (“I liked her,” she tells Mike on the beach. Oh, whatever, Paige. No you didn’t), and then when he finally does, she freaks out at his honesty and bails.

vviG4ScSo7YlMeanwhile, Charlie is hot on Briggs/Odin’s trail, pissing him off at every turn. She’s still making this show. She befriends a Federale in this episode who will hopefully take Graceland closer to an actual change in plot. One thing we did learn from Mike’s control officer this week as he pretended to be Jangles (how stupid can you be?), Briggs really is a heroin addict. Is his role as Odin all an act to catch Jangles? Seems likely. I said last week that there’s no way Briggs was going to be a full-on antagonist, and this week proves me right. A show does not use a slow-motion flashback to someone’s girlfriend in bed who is now dead if they don’t want you to sympathize with that person.

We can look forward to something new next week. As frustrated as Mike is by nothing changing, imagine how we, the audience, feel. Now at least something has to be different. It’s amazing how each episode can have a lot of action without any development at all. It boggles the mind, really.

And Jakes is just totally gone this episode. Why is he even on the show anyway?


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