‘Graceland’ Episode 7: “Just Like That”


“You have to trust who you’re in the field with,” Paige tells Mike. “And an addict can never be trusted.”

I’ll admit, Graceland isn’t turning out quite the way I expected. By the seventh episode, almost two-thirds through the season, I figured we would have had several inter-house hookups by now. Instead, we have the massive twist of Briggs’ secret identity…as the drug lord, Odin.

So that’s where where all the heroin has been disappearing to.

It’s an unsettling reveal. Graceland isn’t exactly playing fair. Sometimes the viewer is tied to Mike, sometimes to Briggs, sometimes to Charlie. Everyone has secrets, and the show makes us feel like we’re in on all of them, even though we’re definitely not. Briggs’ origin story–the fake (or not fake) reveal of a heroin addiction–is given to us with visual flashbacks, making it even harder to tell what’s real and what’s not.

So is Briggs really Odin? Or is he playing a larger game? Is his heroin addiction real, or is it something he threw Mike to get the younger agent off his trail? His flashback included another officer named Roberto whose story was left unfinished which means it’s important. He also sort of looks like the guy who shot Briggs full of heroin. So is he still in Briggs/Odin’s world?

One thing’s for sure–the show is setting up a big romantic reveal as well. Briggs tells Mike he was in love with a girl, and that’s a story for another time.


There have been several hints of some sort of romantic past with Paige and Briggs, and throw in the fact that Paige seems to have an unnatural issue with Mike’s girlfriend, Abby, and you have a nice little love triangle that could pop up at any inconvenient moment.

Superficially, that’s my biggest complaint about Graceland. I appreciate delayed gratification as much as the next person, and you need a little of it for a show’s romance to have any weight at all, but come on, give us something. This isn’t going to be an award-winning drama, so is it too much to ask for just a little bit of payoff on the sexual tension front? Paige/Mike, Paige/Briggs, Charlie/Johnny, Charlie/Mike, I don’t care, take your pick (sadly, no one seems to like Jakes). Just give us something.

Poor Jakes. His story is sort of like a less compelling, less haunting version of Huck from Scandal. Too wrapped up in being a federal agent to be a good dad, so he resorts to boozing up his baby mama’s new guy just to get details on his son. That’s not a bad development, except Jakes is so isolated from the other people in the house that we have a hard time connecting this to anything else that’s going on.

Like I said before, this isn’t quality TV, it’s just a fun summer romp. So give us the romping, USA, and keep everything else going. This is starting to get a little interesting.


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