The ‘Veronica Mars’ Trailer Hits the Internet

A couple months ago, you may have heard about the Veronica Mars Kickstarter project, which promised a movie to the rabid fans of the 2007-canceled show if they could just raise $2 million. You may have also heard that by the end, they had raised over $5 million, and now we have a 2014 Veronica Mars movie on our hands.

I was not a watcher of Veronica Mars when the show was on the air. Maybe 2007 me was too into Gossip Girl, I don’t know. But around the time of the Kickstarter, by massive coincidence, one of my professors mandated that we watch the pilot of Veronica Mars for my Television Narrative class. And man, was I hooked.

When we discussed it in class, she asked, “Did anyone go on to more episodes?”

No one raised a hand, which made me feel a little stupid about the six episodes I had already watched over the weekend. I went on to watch the whole series in two weeks. I watched episodes between classes, during lunch, and instead of sleeping. It was a serious problem. I’ve watched a bad-quality YouTube video of Veronica and Logan’s first kiss way too many times to be normal.

And when I got to the end, I experienced what I assume all the original fans experienced when the show was cancelled on a cliffhanger in 2007.

Stop it. Just stop it.

Stop it. Just stop.

“WHAT? Noooo…”

It was a sad day. But then I remembered hearing something about the Kickstarter, and I delved into the coverage of that with equal mania.

Veronica Mars will make you crazy, people. That’s all I’m saying. All of this build up to tell you that the trailer and a little docu-coverage of the making of the movie finally hit the Internet, and I don’t even care if this movie is bad. I’m just excited to see Logan and Veronica on screen together again.


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