Watch For: ‘Liberal Arts’

I’m a sucker for Sundance movies. In the next couple days, I’ll be writing up a review for Celeste and Jesse Forever, a little Sundance film from this past year that is finally making its way into mainstream theaters.

But looking into the future, here is a movie starring, written by, and directed by Josh Radnor, that guy who plays Ted Mosby on a little sitcom called How I Met Your Mother. Maybe you’ve heard of it.

Elizabeth Olsen stars in “Liberal Arts.”

Vulture, one of my pop culture beacons, compared this movie to Garden State, another indie film that was written by, directed by, and starring a sitcom star (Zach Braff of Scrubs). If this movie is half as good as Garden State I will probably love it.

And just look at Elizabeth Olsen. Isn’t she the image of what you wanted Mary Kate and Ashley to grow up into? She’s beautiful. She’s launching her career beautifully. I can’t wait to finally see her in something after hearing so many good things about her.


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