Watch For: ‘Perks Of Being A Wallflower’

There are people in the entertainment industry that I will follow to the end of the earth, and by that I mean I will watch any project they attach themselves to. I will see anything Aaron Sorkin writes, anything David Fincher directs, and anything that Emma Watson acts in. Seriously, a few years ago I watched that made-for-TV movie she was in, Ballet Shoes.

I’ve never read that book (although I swear it’s on a list somewhere), but when I heard this movie was coming out and Emma was in it, I was already hooked. And then four weeks the trailer came out, and now there is no other movie I am more excited to see. Take a look:

I know that every boy in the world was in tears when Hermione cut off all of her hair, but I think it was a brilliant career move on Emma’s part. In this trailer you don’t see Hermione, you see Sam. You see Emma Watson as a completely new person–as an actress. She’s going places, and I will watch anything she does.

Also: Paul Rudd, I love you, too.


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