Us Vs. Zooey: I Don’t Dance–I’m From the Town in Footloose

Sexual tension—brought to you by Jess’s best friend CeCe! Hooray!

Hannah Simone and Zooey Deschanel in this week's episode of Fox's "New Girl."

Who would have thought that throwing a model into the mix would give New Girl a hard shove in the right direction? Certainly not us, but it would seem that CeCe’s presence in this week’s episode brought some much needed gender balance to the show’s dynamic. It’s such an accurate stereotype for another girl to step into the situation and immediately diagnose the sexual tension. It’s as if the writers sent one of us into the show.

CeCe’s presence brings out the best—and by best, we mean craziest—of Schmidt and Winston (“I’m wearing a napkin on my FACE!”). Both boys spend the episode accidentally revealing their least attractive traits, which also happen to be their funniest. Zooey nicely sums up this point when she tells Schmidt that he’s a good guy “if you ignore everything you do on purpose and focus on everything you do by accident.”

Even once Schmidt “closes” by holding hands with a sleeping CeCe, he can’t stop himself from being an idiot and calling Winston. Winston, to his credit, was a lot smoother than Schmidt in this episode, mainly by pointing out what a spaz Schmidt was being, but even he can’t escape the power of CeCe. He practically leaps off the couch when CeCe tells him to make her a sandwich. A reversal of gender roles, which we find most pleasing.

And onto the main event: Nick and Jess’s weird, possible sexual tension. CeCe sounds like one of those bimbos over at Cosmo when she tells Jess Nick likes her because his feet point at her. Cue so many shots of everyone’s feet. Also, because of how he says her name, but Jess insists that’s because he’s from Chicago (although her imitation sounds Canadian).

Nick’s confusion at Jess’s awkwardness really pushes the funny over the edge this episode. It’s also sort of a defining step that he was more concerned and amused at her insanity as opposed to annoyed. In fact, this whole episode seemed like New Girl is finally making some decisions on what kind of show it wants to be. Every character is getting more fleshed out, every plotline seems to have consequences, and relationships are being strengthened.

We attribute a lot of these developments to CeCe’s presence. She completely changes the dynamic is a necessary way. The episode’s title was “CeCe Crashes.” We hope she crashes a lot more frequently.


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