Us Vs. Zooey: Like A Chubby, Damaged Flower That Hates Himself

Hannah Simone and Zooey Deschanel on this week's episode of "New Girl."

This episode against asks the question, how is Jess a functioning member of society? Apparently, throughout her entire relationship with Spencer, which we assume lasted for some time with some level of intimacy, Jess never said the word penis. That seems odd. Additionally, Jess can only express her feelings by using a feeling stick. (“I feel, me too.”)

Also, Lauren feels vindicated in her earlier prediction about the forthcoming romance between Nick and Jess. It’s totally happening. What else are we supposed to expect after both characters have seen each other naked? There’s definitely a pattern there, based on our extensive TV and movie watching.

The dynamic between the three men definitely carried this episode, and allowed us to get past Zooey’s awkwardness, which way outbalanced her endearing qualities. Schmidt has a weird problem with being the only one who hasn’t seen Nick’s “dousher.” We were left wondering the same thing as Winston, “WHY DOES HE WANT TO SEE IT?” Although we’ll admit that sneaking to the shower to surprise Nick is pretty funny.

Then we have the Schmidt and Winston segment. By far the funniest part of this episode. Winston is trying to improve his “chit chat” skills by cramming on the cultural knowledge of the last two years. Since we are so plugged in to the pop culture realm we appreciated reliving some of the finer moments of the 2010 and 2011. “Betty White’s back. Cool. What about the rest of the Golden Girls? They’re all dead, man.”

Schmidt resigns himself to cheering up Winston the only way he can — humiliating himself. He can’t even run a mile. In short shorts. “Do you suffer from exercise induced crying?”

After this week, we’re still pretty unclear about what this show is really going to be about. Thankfully we do seem to be on the path of sexual tension, and our token black guy is providing all the laughs. Now that the show is back for a while, it needs to really start defining how it fits into today’s pop culture so that in two years when people are making “chit chat” they can be part of the conversation. Zooey’s name alone won’t be culturally relevant forever.


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