‘Gossip Girl’ Always Thought Of You As The Love Of Her Life

Oh, Gossip Girl. What are you doing to me now?

At least Cyrus is back.

Let’s start with the royals. The royals have been around far too long. As if Louis’s faint, lisping accent and habit of popping up whenever Blair has been talking about him wasn’t enough to make you hate him, he’s also keeping Blair from two much more interesting relationships (with Dan and Chuck, respectively). And now we have to deal with his mother and his sister (who have similarly bad accents) every other episode? No. This plotline needs to go away very soon.

Unfortunately, this isn’t like all those other bad plotlines (Chuck and the mysterious nanny, Nate and the girl from the rival political family, etc.) that could just disappear in an episode. Now, Blair is pregnant with maybe-but-probably-not-Louis’s baby, and that makes it a little trickier for him to just bite the dust in a single episode. His mother and sister appear to have pulled onto the highway last night, but even that was in ridiculous fashion. Louis’s mother says something along the lines of: “Crazy, slutty daughter! I cannot believe you would put such a thing in the contract! I’m appalled! But now that I see it in writing, it seems like a pretty good idea. So good, in fact, that I think I’ll disown my son and potential grandchild over it.”

Excuse me, writers? Really?

Chuck, and Nate for that matter, is always picking up random women that don’t really fit into the show. But if he’s looking to get help from this shrink, that seems like a legitimate turn for this show to take. They have built up his loneliness over several episodes–even seasons–by now, and I approve of that choice. The fact that the shrink he chose is in league with Louis is another story entirely, and I’ll have to see how that unfolds before I pass serious judgement.

Lastly, Dan and Serena. I haven’t actually thought about Dan and Serena seriously since season three, but here they are again. I don’t believe for a second that Dan considers himself “too young” to be deciding upon the love of his life right now. Dan’s a writer–writers are all for over the top romantic and idealistic things like that. I do think, however, he considers Blair the love of his life. And Serena, dumb as she is, pouted all over this episode because she knows that, too.

Man, I miss the first season of this show.


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