‘Gossip Girl’ Meant It When She Rejected You

There is not a lot of up and down in this week’s episode of Gossip Girl to talk about. I am not quite as in awe of how far this show has fallen since its freshman season this week, but that could just be a reflection of my plummeting expecations.

Blake Lively and Kaylee DeFer in this week's episode of The CW's "Gossip Girl."

The show continues its pattern of using recycled material. Nate has Mommy issues that he’s working out by following a cougar around like a panting puppy again. Chuck pointing out said Mommy issues is good for about .2 seconds of laughter before you realize this show is stale again. Serena is breezing through life again, taking another semester of school off (how many of those do you get, exactly?) and showing off just how stupid she is as she is incapable of reading any of the signs that Cousin Charlie is a bad liar (and you want to be an actress, darling?). And Chuck is being self destructive again, but it’s not about Blair this time guys! Except, just kidding, it is.

Blair is her usual self, but at least her writing team is still churning out some pointed things. She goes to Dorota’s doctor’s appointment in hopes of getting some of her own pregnancy questions answered. While highly unrealistic (Blair is well versed in the internet), it’s pretty priceless to hear Dorota berate Blair by calling her by her full name.

And yes, Blair really is pregnant. And she really is keeping it. We had our first Blair pregnancy scare all the way back in Season One, and now the real deal is finally here. So a pregnant Blair might make for some fresh and interesting material this season (presuming it doesn’t end in a miscarriage or a freak accident or something), but how interesting could it really be as long as Louis is in the picture? Nothing sucks the energy out of a scene like that guy.

The last thing I’ll say is this: I’m officially throwing my support for the Dan and Blair thing out there. I’ve always been Chuck and Blair deep down, but considering the relationship between Dan and Blair is the only thing this show has established a long story arc for in, well, ever, it speaks to me the most at this point. Leighton Meester and Penn Badgley have genuine chemistry, and I truly hope this goes somewhere.

And hey, Blair! You already know Dan is good at being a dad to a baby that isn’t his, circa Georgina last season. That’s another “again” for the list.


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