‘Community’ Progressively Has A Multicultural Evil Twin

I may just be in a good mood this week, but it seems like all of my favorite comedies are hitting the right notes.

Allison Brie and Irene Choi in this week's episode of NBC's "Community."

After a not-so-stellar third season premiere, Community returned to its strengths and turned out a pretty solid episode.

The heart of “Geography of Global Conflict” is Annie’s new rivalry with Annie Kim, her Asian counterpart who steals her idea for a Greendale Model U.N.

“You be careful, Annie,” Pierce advises. “They are ruthless.”

And by that, he means women, not Asians.

Everyone is a little worried about the stress Annie Kim is putting on Annie, especially considering her past as “Adderal Annie.” When Annie Kim (or “a little can of Annie Lite”) steals the idea, it’s Jeff to the rescue. He complains to Professor Cligoris (Who is really really really really into Model U.N. They used to call him Model U.N. guy in college), the sponsor who has the inspired idea of having both Annies and their respective Model U.N. clubs compete in a Model U.N. off. “May the most United Model United Nations win.”

The whole gang agrees to participate, and the setting proves to be a way to let every character display what makes them funny. Pierce keeps pronouncing Uruguay like “Uru-gay,” Abed is obsessed with Earth 2 (which ends up saving the day), and Troy portrays the country of Georgia as a southern-accented sweetheart. And then Annie has an Adderall-Annie-esque breakdown right in the middle of everything and Jeff has to talk her down in the least creepy way possible. Their will-they-or-won’t-they dynamic is pretty much the only romantic spark the show has anymore, since Britta has become so insufferable it’s impossible to imagine anyone having the hots for her, no matter how much she looks like Elizabeth Shue.

And speaking of Britta, she’s pissed off that she’s getting her act together in college while one of her old protesting buddies is being tortured and tear-gassed and somehow posting all about it on Facebook. She gets into a rage against the machine rant and then spends the episode baiting new Security Office Chang. As Troy says, “Looks like someone got up on the regular side of the bed this morning.”

It’s an impressive episode when even Britta’s typical annoyingness is used to propel humor. Community is back on track.

Oh, and the closing Troy and Abed scene playing operation on a sleeping Pierce warmed my heart. Community perfection.


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