First Look: ‘2 Broke Girls’

There are three new comedies I’m keeping my eye on this season. The first, New Girl, is being thoroughly assessed by myself and Abby in “Us Vs. Zooey.” The second, Up All Night, is potential gold with Christina Applegate, Maya Rudolph, and Will Arnett on NBC (I’ll be writing about it shortly). The last is quite possibly my favorite–2 Broke Girls.

Fall preview, introduce us!

Something about the show reminds me of early episodes its CBS sibling Two and a Half Men, just in the sense that when it goes there, it goes there. “Where is our waitress,” a customer asks Kat Denning’s Max as that very waitress is having sex in the supply room. “She’s coming,” Max replies with a smirk. Whoa. OK.

Comments like that weren’t just for shock value in the pilot. 2 Broke Girls continues with its snarky, inappropriate humor in the second week. The premise of the show is now that they’re working toward 250 grand to try to start a cupcake business. That doesn’t work out, guys–didn’t you see Bridesmaids?

I kind of hate that gimmicky “grand total” they have at the end of every episode, also like I sort of hate that they keep a horse in their backyard (like that can afford to feed it!), but other than these minor issues, the show is sharp and funny. It is also produced by Sex and the City‘s Michael Patrick King, which means it is probably TV gold. Oh, and Whitney Cummings, who is currently starring in a new comedy of her own on NBC that is possibly the worst thing to happen to comedy ever.

It’s safe to say that I’m adding 2 Broke Girls to my weekly lineup this fall. Congrats on making the cut.


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