Parting Ways With ‘Two and a Half Men’

The new "Two and a Half Men"

From this point on, I will be watching very early reruns of Two and a Half Men and pretty much any episode of That 70s Show to get a much better version of what Chuck Lorre’s show is currently offering me.

Ashton Kutcher is very clearly channeling Kelso (one word: peepholes). I don’t even know where Jake is in this show anymore. Now it’s like one man-boy (arguable the biggest man-boy Kutcher has ever played in a long list of man-boys) and one shell of a man who lost his man card a long time ago. Not a recipe for a winning sitcom.

Yeah, O.K., the ratings are still through the roof even though they dropped off this week. I can only imagine they’re going to continue to drop because this show could not be less funny. Although God knows Lorre is feeling pretty good right now considering the money he’s making off this show.

Judy Greer was the one bright spot in last night’s so-unfunny-it-hurt episode. I don’t know how long she’ll be around as Walden’s wife, but it probably won’t be long enough.

The moral of the story is, I won’t be watching this show anymore. No one else should either. Let this be the last season and just watch the Sheen-filled debauchery of earlier years if that is what you want. I’m out.


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