Watch For: ‘We Bought a Zoo’

I’ve had my eye on this one for a while. My favorite movie of all time is Almost Famous, written and directed by Cameron Crowe. Crowe is better known for the smash success Jerry Maguire and the wishy-washy Elizabethtown a few years ago (even I had to admit that was pretty bad), but Almost Famous is such an amazingly crafted story from its flawed characters to its stay-with-you-forever dialogue that I will always be a huge fan of Crowe.

We Bought a Zoo is his latest effort since Elizabethtown in 2005. Let’s look at the trailer:

Elle Fanning! You’re in this, too? Well, I’m on board–not that I wasn’t to begin with. I have yet to see a project of hers that I didn’t like. Thirteen with no mistakes. I wonder how long she can keep that up.

In all seriousness, this looks like a story that is right up Crowe’s alley. He wrote the screenplay himself, but the story is based off a memoir by the same name. I am beyond excited. I doubt it will bump Almost Famous out of its top spot, but here’s to hoping.


One thought on “Watch For: ‘We Bought a Zoo’

  1. Cheesy song, cute little kids and inspirational dialogue aside, I’m not sold. This all feels overly sentimental to me, almost as if this was some kind of cheesy TV episode of Dawson Creek or a Hallmark channel movie. Going for the heartstring doesn’t have to be that obvious, does it?

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