Watch For: Like Crazy

The horrible thing about following other movie blogs in January is you have to read all about how wonderful certain films are, and there aren’t even trailers for them yet. You won’t get to see said movies for months and months–not until a studio buys them and advertises for them and mainstreams them.

The Sundance movie that got the most press this year was a little film called Like Crazy, starring two of my favorite actors Anton Yelchin and Jennifer Lawrence, as well as highly-praised, relative-newcomer Felicity Jones. It took home the tiny honor of the Grand Jury Prize for Best Dramatic film, and now finally there is a trailer to watch. I do warn you, what few words they speak are very soft and hard to hear, but don’t focus on them so much. The body language tells you what’s going on.

The story, as I have read about it, is a couple of kids fall in love while going to college together in Los Angeles, but one is a British exchange student. She overstays her visa after graduation and then cannot come back to the U.S. later on when she tries to visit. The couple is in an endless long distance relationship. Enter Jennifer Lawrence, who it seems we’re supposed to root against, although I have not yet had to do that.

Another intriguing thing about Like Crazy is that reportedly the actors were only given loose guidelines and then told to improvise with each other in each scene. As in, all of the dialogue is unscripted.

It looks very beautiful, and hopefully it will not disappoint all the hype when it is released in late October.


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