Watch For: Moneyball

So Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill are starring together in a movie about baseball. I like Brad Pitt just fine–he tends to make good choices–but the kid from Superbad in a sports movie? Really.

It actually looks pretty good, right? Sure, trailers can be deceiving, but this one has all the right stuff: some funny lines (but not so many that all the good jokes are put upfront), some touching music, some real life consequences. Most any sports film can touch my heart, even if it is cliche, but Moneyball looks like it might even have a shot to sidestep those cliches.

And then comes the fact that guarantees my presence in the theater when this movie comes out: Aaron Sorkin is one of the screenwriters.

For those of you who have forgotten or aren’t as obsessive as me, Sorkin wrote The Social Network, my favorite movie of last year and maybe a few years before that. He is such a talented writer that I can almost promise this movie will have the makings of a great film.

Maybe so great that Sorkin’s work won’t be robbed at this year’s Academy Awards.


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