Oscar Talk: Best Picture Nominees

Wait, didn’t we just finish up all this Oscar nonsense? It’s summer–the time for mindless blockbusters, not critically-acclaimed films.

Don’t worry people, after this post, we’ll get right back to superhero films and raunchy comedies. But the Academy released some news today, some news that more or less makes me happy. The number of Best Picture nominees will be going down this year. Although how far down, we don’t exactly know.

Just two years ago, the Academy announced there would be ten films nominated for Best Picture instead of the usual five. This was a horrible move, in my mind, because there are never really more than five pictures that are truly contending for the Oscar. Maybe the Academy started to realize that too after the battle this year was strictly between The King’s Speech and The Social Network. Whatever their reasoning, this year a film will not be nominated unless at least five percent of the Academy votes for it for the win.

What does that mean, you ask?

It means that only films that are strong contenders will receive Oscar nominations. If votes are split between six movies, six films will be nominated. But they will not try to round that number off to ten.

It’s unusual, but maybe it will make Oscars season a little more exciting. It will be harder to predict the nominees this year as we aren’t sure how many there will be.

Nothing like The Blind Side will ever be nominated for an Academy Award for the sake of an even number ever again. Isn’t that a relief?


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