In Defense of the MTV Movie Awards

"Ha! I still have two more 'Twilight' movies coming out! Who do you think is going to win next year?"

Awards season ended months ago, and yet June rolls around and here come the MTV Movie Awards, or–as they’ve been known for the past three years–the Twilight Awards. Eclipse took home five of the 12 awards and had two duplicate nominees in those categories. In fact, Eclipse only lost in one category it was nominated for–Best Breakout Star. As if you could call that new vampire from Seattle who gets killed at the end “a star.”

In the days since MTV’s awards, I’ve seen quite a few complaints about them. People can’t believe Kristen Stewart beat out Natalie Portman for Best Actress. Justin Bieber’s movie beat 127 Hours for Best Jaw-Dropping Moment? Twilight beat Inception, The Social Network, AND Harry Potter?

WTF, the masses howl.

Well, I have a couple things to point out to you. For starters, this is the MTV Movie Awards, not the Academy Awards. Yes, Natalie Portman unfairly won a Best Actress Oscar for her performance in Black Swan, but we can safely say the criteria for winning Best Female Perforance according to MTV is a lot different. MTV Awards should be the performance that was the most compelling and appealing to the watchers of MTV–teenagers. Black Swan was fairly creepy and inappropriate. Frankly, I’d be concerned if Natalie Portman had beat out the other actresses. Sure, either one of the Emmas (Stone or Watson) would have been good choices too (I have no idea what Jennifer Anniston was doing in that category), but let’s push Portman off the table.

The MTV awards are not about quality or earth-shattering films. They are about what speaks most to teenagers right now. For whatever reason (I refuse to read them), the Twilight books spoke to countless young teens–and now their movies do the same. Justin Bieber is inspiring to kids as well. It doesn’t matter that The Social Network inspired me–Never Say Never inspired them. Getting a Golden Popcorn is something to be proud of–it just doesn’t guarantee that the receiver is a good actor.

Not that it guarantees that he or she is a bad actor, either. To wrap things up, let me just say that I like Kristen Stewart. Twilight aside–which might have been a bad choice in terms of quality, but you certainly can’t say it was a bad career move–the girl chooses good movies and gives good performances. Adventureland, Into the Wild, and In The Land of Women were all quiet, understated films. So what if she’s awkward on the red carpet and in front of the press. Shouldn’t it be refreshing to see a young actress who isn’t a fame whore?

So when she’s onstage next year with Robert Pattinson, performing a cute and awkward reaction to winning her fourth Best Kiss Award, just find it endearing instead of bitching about it in your Facebook status.


3 thoughts on “In Defense of the MTV Movie Awards

  1. What teenage guy do you think hasn’t rewatched the lesbian Mila Kunis/Natalie Portman scene at least 5 times? I think that should count toward “what teenagers care about.”

    I still think as an actor or actress who is primarily concerned about making quality films rather than big money movies it would be an insult to win. Had Kristen Stewart won a Golden Popcorn for her performance in, say, In the Land of Women, I’m pretty sure that would have been an insult. So yes, for varying degrees of award show this fills its need. It’s void. We wouldn’t want to watch the Oscars four times throughout the year. But my “bitching Facebook status” remains, I congratulate all those good actors, actresses, screenwriters, directors and producers who did NOT win Golden Popcorn.

  2. But the thing is, Twilight does NOT speak to most teenagers. If you look at the internet, Twilight gets as much hate as it gets love. The only reason that they win is because their fans care about the MTV Movie Awards while other movies’ fans don’t. The downside of this is that the awards, which is supposed to be, well, AWARDING something, end up becoming a reward for the loudest fans. It’s a screaming contest between obsessed Twilight fans and other teenagers who could care less about the MTV Movie Awards. Of course, Twilight wins. But this defeats the purpose of having an Awards show.

    Maybe you should check out the article “why MTV Movie awards are out of touch”. (

    • I appreciate the article, which definitely has some good points. I would say, however, that the reason Twilight gets so much hate is because it gets so much love. People scream their hate loudly because they can’t comprehend the huge amount of love others give it. That’s just how most popular things go. The more people are obsessed with something, the more others will hate it.

      I agree with that article in the sense that James Franco cutting off his arm should be the most jaw dropping moment. But if the Twilight fans are the only ones who care about the MTV movies Awards, shouldn’t they have that place? I would never say that the Twilight franchise is award-winning or quality–it’s the opposite. But MTV is providing entertainment, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Just like there’s nothing wrong with Twilight actually speaking to some teenagers.

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