‘Skins’ Wraps Everything Up

After a little hiatus of my own, I come back in time to tell you all about the season’s (and probably show’s) last episode of Skins. Yes, in my absence I missed Tina’s episode last week. I will circle back around to it, don’t worry, but for now enjoy the timeliness of my thoughts on Eura.

Eleanor Zichy as Eura on MTV's "Skins."

For an episode that was supposed to maybe bring everyone back together, this episode really just left a lot of things hanging. Our mega tangled weave of love affairs has basically been split into two basic triangles: Tony, Betty, and Tea; Stanley, Cadie, and Michelle. While the Tony/Tea thing has kept a lot of drama in the ten episodes of this show, the final one seemed to be Skins making the decision that Stanley’s love interests are the focus. If the show continues, we can expect that to be the primary love triangle.

Although they really didn’t clear anything up, did they? Tea is still giving Tony mixed signals with her hand holding. And exactly why did Tea strip down to her pre-teen underwear before crawling into Betty’s hospital bed with her? On that front, it seemed like she was choosing Betty in the end. But Tea was never really interested in Betty until she pissed her off enough that she wasn’t easy. It’s kind of hard to root for Betty when it still seems like Tea doesn’t even like her.

Stanley shared kisses with both Michelle and Cadie in this episode, the former definitely being the better kiss. Cadie just popped in and out of scenes saying cryptic things like a random oracle. Stanley looks at her, constantly confused, but that’s really not his fault–we’re confused too. They sing a song together onstage at a club (not badly, I might add, if a little lacking in words) but Michelle looks up at him soulfully like she’s finally discovered what she really wants. It’s all very teenager-y, but there’s not a lot of television show closure.

Lastly, notice I haven’t said anything about Eura. That’s because there’s not a lot to say. She finally talks in this episode, and she has quite the mouth on her. She does her best to get the group back together and get some attention from everyone. It’s kind of a useless plotline. Well, she’s kind of a useless character. The episode is not about her at all.

Abbud and Daisy are pretty cute though.


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