The Hiatus Issue

So we have reached another one of those unfortunate times of year when basically every show on television decides to take more than just a couple weeks off. Say goodbye to Modern Family, Gossip Girl, and Community. Nearly all the CW shows are on break, Cougartown has been out of the action since Valentine’s Day, and even the NBC comedies are reruns for the next few weeks. And nearly every commercial you see at night advertises the far-off returns.

Why do networks do this to us? Now we have nothing to watch, nothing to blog about, nothing to read about, and nothing to discuss. I’ll tell you why: it’s so that we break down and start watching their new shows. They starve us of our favorites so that we might blearily reach for the newer stuff they throw us as scraps.

There are a couple of newer shows that have caught my eye in the split second I actually pay attention to their commercials. I enjoy Courtney Cox’s return to TV in Cougartown, so it has of course occurred to me to watch her Friends costar Matthew Perry’s new show Mr. Sunshine. Also, ABC’s new show Off The Map has been deemed a mix between Grey’s Anatomy and Lost, and while I never watched Grey’s, I liked Lost very much. So should I break down and start watching another show during the hiatus?

I’m going to present another option. While watching the Golden Globes, the nominees for television shows were announced and I realized I had never seen a lot of them. So during this break, should I start watching a fresh show that could get cancelled before summer hits or become more culturally aware by watching a TV show that people are already raving about? Any suggestions, people?


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