‘Skins’ Brings Everyone Back Together

Camille Cresencia-Mills as Daisy on MTV's "Skins."

I will tell you that I was honestly expecting another bad episode of Skins this week because that’s what this show does: oscillates between quality episodes and pure nothingness. Last week’s episode brought all the building tension to a head by exploring Michelle’s point of view. This week introduced us to Daisy without falling back into all of the show’s bad habits.

It’s relatively easy for Skins to grind out a good episode when it is dealing with the perspective of Tony, Tea, Michelle, and sometimes Stanley. They make up our main love triangle/square. Sure, those episodes still have their issues, but those four have been the most interesting by far. The problem with the episodes revolving around Cadie, Chris, and Abbud is that while it is nice to get a little background on the supporting actors, the show tends to totally drop off its main plot in favor of introducing everyone. Skins absolutely has to learn to keep its drama consistent otherwise no one will watch.

This week was all about Daisy–another character we don’t really care about–and sometimes it strayed into that territory of giving us plot we don’t really want to know. The show feels the need to spell everything out in all caps for its audience: Look, this is Daisy’s controlling father who won’t let her play music because her mom left. We get that they all have messed up home lives–we don’t care. What drives Skins is the relationships between the kids, and it was this episode’s saving grace that Daisy was trying to patch things up between her friends.

Granted, it wasn’t a stellar job. It would be nice to know what is going on between Tea, Tony, and Michelle instead of just getting angry glimpses of it, but baby steps, people. The relationship between Abbud and Daisy was cute, the acting surprisingly natural. I’m sure we will never hear about it again considering the season is wrapping up and you know it won’t come up in the next two episodes, but it was nice while it lasted.

Also, let me say that next week is from the perspective of hot teacher Tina. I think that’s going to throw a major wrench in things considering that it’s messing with the Skins slogan: This is what real teens do.

Unless there’s a backwards Never Been Kissed twist that Tina is actually a teen masquerading as a teacher. But somehow I doubt that.


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