‘Community’ Is Getting A Little ‘Lost’

Josh Holloway as Sawyer on ABC's "Lost."

In the first season of Community, no episode was as beloved as Modern Warfare. It combined countless action movie references (classic Community humor) and Jeff and Britta finally doing “it”…on the study group table.

So for season two’s finale, Community writers thought, “Let’s stick with something we already know works and make it bigger!” And thus we have a two-part paintball redux coming our way, people.

But that’s not all. Reports say everyone’s favorite con man, Sawyer from Lost, is in talks to guest star in these episodes as a mysterious figure who appears on campus right as the battle breaks out.

So let’s dissect these developments. Community has been kind of wavering this season, as shows often do in their sophomore year. Bringing back paintball probably seems like a good way to get back to their roots and show fans they still got it. Despite my hopes for success, I’m thinking this plan for the finale isn’t the way to do it. This show put itself on the map by being wildly creative and innovative. The jokes were fresh and the characters were fantastic. Lately, as the jokes are getting tired and the characters kind of old, it seems like Community’s well might be starting to run dry.

Don’t let it happen, I say. A big scale episode with lots of on the mark pop culture references and meta humor is exactly what the show needs (not unlike the Modern Warfare episode). But it has to be a new idea, because that’s what Community is about, friends. Innovation.

I do like the idea of Sawyer in these episodes though. He kind of just looks like a cowboy or an outlaw, doesn’t he? Imagine the massive crush Annie is going to have on him.


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