‘Gossip Girl’ Has Daddy Issues

You may have noticed there was no Gossip Girl liveblog last night, and I have to confess it was because I was at the very game that dominated Nate and Raina’s conversation in last night’s episode: Notre Dame vs. Villanova. I hate supporting anything Thorpe-approved, but Notre Dame is my team. And Nate? Notre Dame whooped ass on Villanova last night, so suck it up.

Leighton Meester and Penn Badgley in this week's episode of the CW's "Gossip Girl."

One thing that completely rubs me the wrong way about the Thorpe family story line is that Gossip Girl’s writers have clearly never been to Chicago or the Midwest. They like hot dogs there! They don’t understand how cabs work! Such simple-minded folk. We hate the Thorpes because they don’t understand the complicated lifestyle of the Upper East Siders (except Dan, as Blair would point out). Seriously, good riddance to Russell, and I prefer Raina with Nate over Chuck because he seems to mellow her out.

Ben and Serena breaking up, Lily turning herself in, Daddy van der Woodsen returning–all of this “huge drama” didn’t add up to much in the episode. We knew Ben wouldn’t be around forever, and Lily has done so many consecutive horrible things that it’s pretty hard to feel anything for her anymore. Chuck is always at his peak when he is tormented over his father or Blair, and since Blair is–erm–occupied with other things at the moment, some good old fashioned Bart wallowing will do Chuck’s story some good. Although, it looks like he might be coming back for Blair when the show returns in April.

So that brings us to the driving force of the show, who could have thought, Dan and Blair. Firstly, I’m going to continue to insist that Penn Badgley and Leighton Meester are the only two actors on this show who take it seriously anymore. Ed Westwick comes close sometimes, but Blake Lively rolls her eyes through every single scene she’s in. So no matter your thoughts on the Blair and Dan friendship/romance Gossip Girl has going on, you have to admit it’s compelling because they’re the only two trying to emote anymore.

I know a lot of people are unhappy about the Dan and Blair development. We’ve been watching it warily since the Christmas break, wondering where exactly the writers were taking us. And so they’ve taken us here: an episode ending on a freeze frame kiss before a six-week break. They’ve set themselves up dangerously. Ending on that kiss means six weeks of build up; there’s no going back now. They have to see this through in one way or another. A weak explanation upon returning is going to ring hollow, and that’s what I’m afraid they’ll try.

Or we could have Chuck and Dan vying for Blair’s affection. How do you think that will end?


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