Oscar Talk: The Aftermath

James Franco and Anne Hathaway co-hosted the 83rd Academy Awards Show, broadcast on ABC.

Well that was…interesting?

Ok, the opposite of interesting. Everyone that was predicted to win won. Not a single upset. Not even a little baby one.

There is not much more I can say about The King’s Speech that you have not heard from me before. I think the best movie lost last night. To win Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Original Screenplay is an insane honor, and I just don’t think the film deserved it. I know screenwriter David Seidler spent much of his life working on this movie, and after his charming acceptance speech, I could concede that he deserved his Oscar. Colin First was good (I still love Jesse Eisenberg and think James Franco was amazing in 127 Hours), and we all knew that Oscar was his. But I can’t even begin to fathom those other two. I won’t make you listen to my helpless sputtering anymore. Moving on:

Anne Hathaway, I love you. You must be tired of making naked jokes about yourself. She threw herself into the show with almost manic enthusiasm, and it showed. Sometimes she could have toned that crazy down, but she accepted the immense honor and responsibility with the weight it deserved.

But what the hell was going on with James Franco all night? It was like he was beyond baked, and not in the funny kind of way. I’ve never really liked Franco because he seems like a pretentious douche to me, and last night just hammered that point home. It’s like he wasn’t even interested in trying. God bless Anne, who carried him and that show on her gorgeously clad back (seriously, girl, how many outfits did you have?).

That said, I love their intro video. The musical numbers were pretty flat for me, especially because in previous years there have been some true spectacles. I was glad to see Inception win four Oscars (just as many as The King’s Speech!), even if they were little ones. You keep at it Christopher Nolan. They’ll recognize your brilliance someday. Lastly, I thought Kirk Douglas presenting Best Supporting Actress was amazing, if not sometimes a little uncomfortable.

In a predictable and boring awards night, what could be better than a 94-year-old man making fun of Hugh Jackman?


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