Nicole Kidman Takes A ‘Rabbit Hole’ To The Oscars

Rabbit Hole wraps up the movies I’m going to be able to squeeze in before the Academy Awards tomorrow. It also means that I have now seen all the performances nominated for Best Actress. Check out Nicole Kidman below:

Rabbit Hole is based off a play by the same name and was only nominated for the one Academy Award. It is a film that handles its subject matter–dealing with the untimely death of a child–well and with grace. It carefully avoids predictability and the grief of its characters is utterly felt. The Best Actor category this year has some stiff competition, but in a lighter year I believe Aaron Eckhart would have received a nomination.

The heavy favorite to win Best Actress is Natalie Portman for Black Swan, but truthfully I went into Rabbit Hole hoping Nicole Kidman would blow me away because I don’t think Portman’s performance was all that. Kidman does her character Becca justice–she is not always right or likeable, but Kidman gives her life and realism in her grief. One of the beautiful things about Rabbit Hole is you can see both characters succeed and fail in their efforts, and neither one of them is right or wrong. They are both doing the best they can.

The most beautiful thing about this movie is perhaps its story. I think it should have been nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay. Both the supporting characters and journeys the main characters take to move past the debilitating grief add a real life feel to this movie. So real, in fact, that I couldn’t help but wonder if it was based on a true story or experiences.

Kidman’s performance, while great, is not as raw as Michelle Williams’ or as genuine as Jennifer Lawrence’s. To me, those two are the real amazing performances of the Best Actress category, although their competitors Portman and Annette Bening are the ones getting all the buzz.

Let’s cross our fingers for some upsets tomorrow night, friends.


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