Oscar Talk: Inception

We have reached the end of the nominees just in time. Tomorrow is the 83rd Academy Awards, and Inception is the last Best Picture nominee we have to discuss. Let’s take a look at the trailer:

A lot of people were excited about Inception because it was director Christopher Nolan’s first project after The Dark Knight. When the trailer first came out, the majority of the reactions I heard were along the lines of, “Yeah, that looks really stupid, but Christopher Nolan is directing it!”

The funny this is, Nolan was planning this movie long before he took on the Batman franchise or The Prestige, films that made him a household name. In fact, the reason he decided to work on Batman was to get more experience with big budget films before he attempted Inception.

Inception explores concepts Nolan has been thinking about since he was a teenager. If you’ve ever seen his 2000 film Memento, which was small budget but even more mind-boggling, you know it is basically the origin of Inception. This film is essentially James Cameron’s Avatar–the project he has been waiting to work on his entire directional career. He is lucky, though, that this film could ride the wave of The Dark Knight, because otherwise it would not have had nearly as much buzz.

Viewers and critics have a complicated relationship with Inception. At first it seemed everyone loved it–the special effects were amazing, the acting was great, the story wasn’t predictable. But then came the quiet murmurs of plot holes–“Wait, why can Eames just change into other people? Why does dying in the lower levels of the dreams send them into limbo if those dreams technically aren’t under sedative? What the hell is limbo?” Some critics declared they hated it and so did some viewers. Until everyone started trying to explain the plot holes to claim that they
“got” Inception.

“Oh, you don’t get Inception? Don’t feel bad, it’s a really complicated movie.”

Truth be told, it’s not that complicated and there are plot holes. A lot of the true movie snobs reject Inception because of its vast popularity and resent that others think it’s a “smart person movie.” Frankly, the film is just really good entertainment. It doesn’t matter how many plot holes there are or how complicated you can make yourself think it is. It really doesn’t even matter if the top stops spinning at the end (I think it does), because while you’re watching Inception, you are completely engrossed. It draws you into its world and makes you suspend your disbelief to be invested in its plot, characters, and concept.

This movie won’t and doesn’t deserve to win Best Picture. It was completely robbed in not being nominated for Best Director and Best Film Editing. Hell, it should win Best Film Editing.

However, in case you haven’t heard, Inception 2 is coming out with the alternate title The Dark Knight Rises next year, so maybe the Academy will make up for its snubs then.


2 thoughts on “Oscar Talk: Inception

  1. Great review. People can always find holes in any film’s plot, there’s only so much you can explain in 1 or 2 hours! I think people should just enjoy the film and the acting.
    Maybe Eames should have have played other people in his own appearance, kinda hypnotising them into believing he was someone else.
    Like your site here, I use this theme for my other blog where I put up my creative writing – http://jessicasjapes.wordpress.com.

    • I don’t really know how to handle the Eames situation. It’s just kind of a head scratcher.

      I checked out your creative writing blog for a few minutes–haven’t read any of the pieces yet but I love the Real Life Blog. I’ll be over there reading.

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