‘Community’ Wants To Be On ‘Real World: Seattle’

In a single episode, Community granted me two favors: reuniting Troy and Abed after an episode apart and granting Abed a plausible love interest. Thanks, writers!

Donald Glover and Danny Pudi in this week’s episode of NBC’s “Community.”

Joe Biden is coming to Greendale (suck it, City College) and the dean, clad in “his sister’s” Uncle Sam costume declares there must be a student body president for his arrival. It’s the perfect opportunity for Britta to annoy her way off the stage (and out of the episode) with her rage against the man rants. Seriously though, what has happened to her? She used to be so three-dimensional and conflicted, but now she is even more one note than Shirley. And it’s a pretty bad note.

The election is also a prime setup for Annie and Jeff to get a battle of the earnest vs. the cynical. This is the second episode in a row that Jeff has been isolating himself from the group. Where’s that Valentine’s Day love, Jeff? With Britta becoming more and more unlikeable and Annie and Jeff gaining more respect for the other, I would have to say they’re the only ones with chemistry right now. It was usually his relationship with Slater or Britta that softened Jeff’s heart, so maybe now it’s Annie’s turn?

That fake audition clip from Real World: Seattle was a great reference to 90s culture. Jeff, with all his “Classic Wingers” (23, by Abed’s count) can’t stand to be seen as uncool. Annie can’t believe she would stoop so low in politics. Community, as always, does a great job of taking its weekly “subject” and infusing it with original plot and fantastic references.

Britta, Shirley, and Pierce were mostly sidelined for this episode, which is almost always a good thing in my book. I loved that Abed’s love interest was someone as weird as him, and the fake news cast had a lot of great material and interaction between Troy and Abed. Overall, a solid episode with acceptable plot and clever humor.

Although that debate between Magnitude and Leonard was horrendously unfunny.


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