‘Skins’ Falls From Its High

Ron Mustafaa as Abbud on MTV's "Skins."

Oh, Skins. You lost me.

Last week’s episode held so much promise. The show was really starting to convince me it could move beyond its Degrassi-ness into the acclaimed television show Britain raves about. (On that note, many of you have suggested I watch the UK version to get a better feel of why everyone is so disappointed by this show. Once the MTV version is cancelled, as it should be, I’ll have to do that.)

This week though–mush. The plot jumped all over the place, more vignettes about various kids on a camping field trip than a cohesive plot. As they bounced around, the story lines were either boring or predictable. All you need to know is that everyone wants to get high, Abbud has a crush on Tea (who doesn’t in this show?), and Tea is a lesbian. All things we already knew. In 40 minutes of airtime, this episode basically added nothing to the advancement of the show.

Abbud’s crush isn’t unrealistic, it’s just that we already have one guy infatuated with Tea (Tony) and one other pathetic guy in love with a girl he can’t have (Stanley). Abbud is an excess character. Despite his adorable looks toward Tea, he adds literally nothing to the show. He is a waste of character, episode, and screen time. The writers would do well to focus their energy elsewhere.

The Tony and Tea developments were unusual just in the fact that the hookup was not shown. The first time the two engaged in something physical, it was intense and on-screen. We saw the build up and the culmination, and thus became attached to their relationship. This time, we were deprived of that satisfaction, so when Tea says, “No, I’m really a lesbian,” we believe her. I’m no longer hoping she’s just confused and Tony turns her back straight. I think she is confused, but she is a lesbian. It was a nice trick of the show, but it can’t redeem this black hole of an episode.

Lastly, we have Chris and hot teacher, Tina. “You could get me fired!” she half-heartedly protests when he walks in on her changing in her tent. Fired? Honey, Mary Kay Letourneau served over seven years for what you’re doing. Regardless, I more or less liked their dynamic in this episode. But my biggest frustration with this show is, What have these two been doing since Chris’ episode? Last time we dealt with them they were living together! Has everyone forgot about this? The show has left us completely in the dark only to flip the lights back on at a time when background information is completely necessary!

Ugh, Skins. You’re like a high school student in the bathroom getting high–completely squandering your potential.


3 thoughts on “‘Skins’ Falls From Its High

  1. I think you’re being a bit harsh on this episode. I liked everything that happend, although I do agree that it would have been more interesting from the perspective of a different character. Abbud is kind of useless..

    • I probably am being a little overly critical. It felt a little all over the place though. The scenes with Daisy and Michelle were pulled out of nowhere and the bit with Stanley and the weed wasn’t even funny and added up to nothing. It was a rough one for me. Chris was a lot more interesting to me suddenly though, so at least there’s that.

  2. Ahhh no! Don’t say it should be cancelled! (I can’t write for a show that doesn’t exist!) I like Abbud as a change from Anwar (watch the British version already!!!!) But I don’t like this episode. as the first season is mainly about introducing each character in an ensemble cast, one character per episode, for now it will only focus on one character per episode with some snippets, and then next season the characters come out to play. The Tina/chris storyline was done much better in the UK series with chris/angie.

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