Watch For: Something Borrowed

From my posts, you might assume I’m on some sort of crusade against chick flicks (or romantic comedies). It’s really not true. I want to like the romantic comedies studios keep putting out. In fact, I was more or less raised on chick flicks. It’s just that after so many bad ones, you start seeing trailers with negative preconceived notions. Take, for instance, the one below.

If I were to look at this romantic comedy without a cynical lens, I would consider the fact that Something Borrowed is based off a best-selling, award-winning novel and produced by Hilary Swank’s company. Ginnifer Goodwin is a good actress, and so is Kate Hudson for that matter, although she has already produced one atrocious wedding-related rom-com in her career (see, Bride Wars). John Krasinski is wonderful in absolutely everything, even if he does play the same character every time. And those are all the things I would take into consideration and then say, “Yep, this could be a good romantic comedy. Let’s go see it.”

Except I know romantic comedies are almost never good nowadays, and there are a few lines in that trailer that make me incredibly nervous. Goodwin’s voiceover saying, “That was the night I let true love slip away.” Kate Hudson seems like a completely unlikeable bitch, and for movies to truly work, main characters should never be truly unlikeable.

We will see in May when this one comes out, but for right now, I’m sadly trying to keep my expectations low.


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