Christopher Nolan Doesn’t Have A Lot of Friends

Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in "Inception."

Apparently Christopher Nolan only knows a handful of actors. He has already cast Inception actor Tom Hardy in his next Batman movie, and a few weeks ago reports surfaced that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in negotiations to also have a role in The Dark Knight Rises. I love the idea of these two in the Batman franchise–they were both charming and funny in Inception–but now everyone’s talking about Nolan possibly casting a third star from his Oscar-nominated film.

Marion Cotillard in "Inception."

Marion Cotillard may be playing Batman’s girlfriend in the next film.

Oh come on, Nolan. Hold some auditions, meet some new actresses. Cotillard is beautiful and talented, to be sure, but she’s a little too French for Batman. She is THE French actress of the decade, and you want to stick her in Batman?

There are a ton of young, talented actresses who would make great additions to the Batman cast, and if the man is really insistent on recasting all of Inception, stick Ellen Page in there and actually dress her like a woman this time.


2 thoughts on “Christopher Nolan Doesn’t Have A Lot of Friends

  1. I understand your point of view. Lots of people are calling it Inception 2, but we don’t know who they are casting her as. The rumors are Thalia Al Ghu, which would need to be exotic. I think the cast will be good, but I reserve judgment until we find out who she is playing. At least it isn’t Katie Holmes.

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