Watch For: Soul Surfer

In 2011, 17-year-old actress AnnaSophia Robb (Bridge to Terabithia) will star in Soul Surfer, a movie based on a true story in which she loses her arm. Maybe she should call up James Franco for some advice.

The full-length trailer, posted earlier this week, is a perfect example of a preview that makes what is going to be a bad movie look good. Take a look, and then we will discuss:

Ok, yeah, so Carrie Underwood is in the trailer. That’s your first clue that this isn’t going to be a winner. The based-off-a-true-story sporty movies can always get me, but Carrie Underwood is in this movie. How is that possible? Helen Hunt is an Academy Award winner and I genuinely like Robb in what kiddy projects she has taken on, but Carrie Underwood is going to drag it down no matter what.

There are a few other dangerous signs. It’s rated PG, which means zero risk-taking. A shark attack should guarantee at least PG13, so they must really be working around it. It’s also directed by someone whose biggest credits are That’s So Raven and one of Hilary Duff’s million movies from five years back.

So we essentially have a bad Disney movie on our hands, kids. It’s kind of a shame, considering a mix of a true story, an Academy Award winner and a teen actress who has stayed out of the tabloids should have a shot at quality.


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