‘Community’ Sends Its Love in a Mass Text

Chevy Chase, Joel McHale, and Danny Pudi in last week's episode of NBC's "Community."

It’s Valentine’s Day at Greendale, although you wouldn’t really know it from this episode. Remove the V-Day Dance, and this could have been any other episode. This week was light on the laughs and moved pretty fast–all of a sudden I looked up an the half hour was over. Huh.

The best plotline by far was Troy and Abed’s fair, friendly agreement to both pursue the new librarian. She’s very pretty, bespectacled, and seems to be wearing a brassiere under her cardigan. The boys approach her with a proposal: get to know them both at the dance and then choose which one she’d like to see again. She deems it “The cutest thing to ever happen to me,” and the boys share an adorable, no-look high five. In the end, she chooses Troy because romantically Abed is “weird.” That’s too much for Troy to handle, who seemed to think he wasn’t going to get chosen, and he ends up hating her for lack of appreciation of Abed’s Saw franchise knowledge. The boys hug it out outside of the gym. I love Abed and Troy, but can one of them get a girlfriend soon? Community is seriously toeing the line of too weird with their relationship.

On this Valentine’s Day, Jeff has reverted to his angry, isolated self. He picks a fight with the group over the Barenaked Ladies (BNL, to the study group) and spends the night dealing with Chang and the weirdos of Greendale in his apartment instead going to the dance with everyone else. Why does this sporadically happen to Jeff? He’s caught himself caring and freaked out about more times than I can count, and it’s usually for no reason. Valentine’s Day could be a good trigger, but he doesn’t seem to have any internal struggle over it. In fact, he doesn’t even seem very concerned with having someone to bang on Valentine’s Day. He ends up sending a mass text of V-Day love, because that’s what this holiday is really about, people.

Lastly, Britta has befriended Paige, a woman she thinks is a lesbian, in order to seem cooler. Funnily enough, Paige thinks Britta is a lesbian and only hangs out with her to seem cooler. They eventually figure it out at the dance, but the fact that Britta’s clothes get more and more “lesbian” throughout the episode is a subtle and hilarious touch.

Bonus to the episode: It looks like Chang will be crashing with Jeff for a while. There’s a whole lot of potential in that development.


One thought on “‘Community’ Sends Its Love in a Mass Text

  1. Great recap. I can’t help but love Troy and Abed’s intense devotion to one another. That being said, a girlfriend for one or even both would open up a lot of storyline possibilities. And Chang living with Jeff? Brilliant! Can’t wait to see the fallout.

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