Watch For: Ceremony

So here’s a little hipster movie that everyone should keep an eye on. Ceremony, set for limited release in April, is the directorial debut of Max Winkler–the son of the Fonz. It stars Michael Angarano and Uma Thurman is what sort of looks like a wacky tale of a young kid trying to win back an older woman who’s getting married. Have a look:

It was well received at the Toronto Film Festival, and Max Winkler himself has been the subject of a lot of buzz. But the thing that interests me the most is that Jesse Einsenberg originally signed on to play Angarano’s role until he ditched the project for The Social Network. Now he has an Oscar nomination, so it was a pretty good move, but he spoke very highly of the script when it was his role. It’s too bad he couldn’t do both, but it’s a good sign for the quality of this movie.


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