Watch For: Red Riding Hood

There is a slight trend toward darker retellings of classic stories lately. Last week I talked about Snow White and the Huntsman, which is sure to be edgier than the Disney movie, and now Warner Brothers has released the second trailer for Red Riding Hood. The film stars Amanda Seyfried and is a scary movie loosely based on the old tale of little red riding hood. Check out the second trailer:

So they’re marketing Red Riding Hood as from the director of Twilight (only the first one), and it doesn’t bode well for this movie if that’s the audience they’re trying to attract. Amanda Seyfried would have reeled those girls in on her own. She’s made as many bad choices as she has good ones, and while her good choices show the potential of her career, the trailer made me slightly anxious that this might be another bad choice.

But here’s the fact that should change how everyone sees this movie: Leonardo DiCaprio is producing it. The man has hardly made a bad project choice in his entire career, and he’s known for being very selective about them. It took Christopher Nolan years to convince DiCaprio to be in one of his films. No one can deny the man has an extraordinary eye for this business, and its his eye that gives me big expectations for this movie.


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