SAG Awards Shake Things Up

Well, the Best Picture category at the Oscars just got a lot more interesting.

Awards season is a little bit like political campaigning. If you have a movie that’s quality enough to be considered for top awards, you’re scrambling around making appearances and giving interviews and promoting the crap out of your film. The Golden Globes kick everything off, and even though they’re the drunker, unappreciated cousin of the Academy Awards, they do set the bar of who is supposed to take home that Oscar. But you also have to account for all these little award shows in the middle held by every insane and unnecessary guild in Hollywood–Writer’s, Actor’s, Director’s, Producer’s. There’s still a little room to elbow your way to the top before Oscar picks become airtight.

The SAG Awards are kind of funny because the wins are voted solely by actors. It’s been said in many interviews with film stars over the years that Hollywood is like a gigantic high school on steroids. If that’s true, the SAG Awards–otherwise pretentiously named “The Actors”–are like the popularity contest of Student Council Elections. They’re not necessarily choosing who did the best job; they’re picking their friends and their favorites and who they’re supposed to vote for. Maybe that’s why there’s so much more crying during acceptance speeches–there’s nothing like the acceptance of your peers.

Over the weekend, The King’s Speech beat out The Social Network at both the Director’s Guild Awards and the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards. That’s right, during last night’s show The Social Network went home with nothing.

What does this mean for the Oscars? Here we all thought The Social Network had become completely locked in, but now some are saying The King’s Speech is the new front-runner. The King’s Speech is still the only Academy Award nominee I haven’t seen, but it’s on my list for the next few days, and I’ll have to see what I really think after I watch it. There’s a special spot in my heart for Jesse Eisenberg though, and I’m not sure if even Colin Firth can reclaim it.

End Note: How did Betty White win Actress in a Comedy Series over Jane Lynch and Sofia Vergara? That’s just insane. I really thought the Betty White craze was over (not that I had an issue with it when it was going on), but apparently not. Her friends must have stuffed the ballot box.


One thought on “SAG Awards Shake Things Up

  1. The King’s Speech is so good! You will love it! I was predicting Social Network for the win for the longest time, not I’m thinking the King’s Speech will pull an upset. Also Betty White wtf?! I’ve never even heard of it, when I watched the SAG’s I thought they made it up.

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