Mirror, Mirror, Who To Cast?

The classic "Snow White."

Set your minds forward nearly two years, when Universal Pictures will release a remake of the classic Snow White entitled Snow White and the Huntsman. Remember that guy in the beginning who drops her off in the woods instead of killing her? Apparently he can be made into a major plot point in the story. Think more the Brothers Grimm than Disney style.

After Angelina Jolie and Winona Ryder were supposedly considered for the role of the evil queen, it was given to Charlize Theron a few weeks ago. Viggo Mortensen (dude, where have you been since Lord of the Rings and your flop Hidalgo?) is also apparently in negotiations to play the role of the huntsman. So that just leaves Snow White herself, and there has been a lot of talk about who Universal will cast. There was talk of possibly finding someone unknown, but many young actresses have come in to read for the role. Elvis Presley’s granddaughter Riley Keough was talked about, as was the young and talented Dakota Fanning, who probably couldn’t pull off dark hair without looking like that girl from The Ring. But now everyone’s buzzing that the studio is really pushing for, wait for it, Kristen Stewart, the moody soon-to-be vampire.

I can hear the collective groan from some people. For the most part, the fans of Stewart are Twilight-obsessed (which isn’t a great rep to have) and her critics can’t stand her moody attitude toward the public. Her comparison between being followed by the paparazzi and being raped met enormous public backlash, and her pained face on the red carpet just turns people off to her. It’s somewhat amazing that someone rewarded with professional success after success can’t stand the public eye.

Kristen Stewart

But I have a small confession. I actually love Kristen Stewart. Her awkwardness at award ceremonies is endearing to me, her insistence at keeping her private life private impresses me, and her movie choices (aside from Twilgiht) have all been commendable. Before hating on her, everyone should see Into the Wild, The Runaways, and Adventureland. She’s truly amazing in every one. I also love her in In the Land of Women, but almost everyone hates that film besides me. She’s a great actress, and I’m excited to see what she does with her career. If she chooses to start life after Twilight with a big studio production of Snow White, I think she’d do a hell of a job. Plus she looks the part.

Some people are saying she’s too dark and moody for the cheery role of Snow White. I’d like to point out again that this isn’t a Disney remake; Universal has said they want to base the retelling off the classic Brothers Grimm story. If anyone is right to play a dark and twisted Snow White, it’s Kristen Stewart.

Felicity Jones

I’d like to draw everyone’s attention, however, to a much lesser known actress named Felicity Jones, who is also being considered for the role. You’ve probably never heard of her, but some critics are saying she’s going to be the next Carey Mulligan after starring in Like Crazy with Anton Yelchin (Charlie Bartlett) at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Hopefully we’ll all get to see the move later this year as Paramount just bought it last week, but from the good things everyone at Sundance is saying about her, I wouldn’t be too disappointed if they cast her instead of Stewart as the new Snow White.


2 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror, Who To Cast?

  1. I don’t love Kristen Stewart, but I think she’s better than she’s given credit for. At the very least, she made me NOT hate Bella in the three Twilight movies when I found the character completely, utterly insufferable in the books, and I consider that a great achievement in of itself.

    Felicity Jones, though, is a perfect choice. I thought she was great as Catherine Morland in the 2007 BBC adaptation of Northanger Abbey (with Carey Mulligan, so I’m very amused that she’s considered the ‘next’ Carey when they’ve acted in a film together). Since you’re enjoying your Community binge, I also have to say that I think Alison Brie has the perfect look for Snow White, and after seeing her work on Mad Men, I’d say she can perform equally well in drama and comedy.

    • Mad Men is actually my favorite show on TV, so Alison Brie would be great. I hadn’t thought of her, but I enjoy her in both of those shows.

      I’m also really looking forward to seeing Felicity Jones move more into the spotlight in Hollywood. This role would definitely do it if she got it.

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