Watch For: The Other Woman

There is something about watching trailers that always gets me. I hate to miss the ten minutes of them before a feature presentation, and I can spend significant chunks of time watching new ones on the web. Almost any film can be made to look good in a trailer. Whenever I stumble across a new one, I like to share it with whoever I can make sit still long enough to watch, so enjoy being subjected to my findings.

Natalie Portman continues on in her spotlit parade. After clinching a Golden Globe and Oscar nomination for Black Swan, starring in the box-office success No Strings Attached, being featured in a Dior ad campaign, and announcing her engagement and pregnancy, you would think the woman would settle down and just pander to her cravings. Don’t worry, she filmed this movie, The Other Woman, all the way back in 2009, but she still has to deal with its publicity as it is set for limited release on February 4th.

This movie looks a lot more her speed than No Strings Attached was, and for that I’m grateful. It’s a more quiet film, and besides Portman the cast is composed of actors with smaller billings but great talent. The film is based of the novel “Love and Other Impossible Pursuits,” and it will be interesting to see Portman navigate the areas of gray that come with the kind of character she’s chosen to play.


One thought on “Watch For: The Other Woman

  1. I agree that this looks more like her speed. Wow, what a difficult role. I almost don’t like her on principal before even seeing the movie.

    She is also in the upcoming comic adaptation Thor. At least I think it’s Thor. There are so many coming out they are hard to keep straight. Those are four movies with very different tones and will give a good indication of what suits her best. I don’t think romantic comedy is it.

    Thanks for directing me to your blog and for posting a comment on mine.

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