Trading Plaid For Leather

With awards season in full swing, everyone has their opinion about movies and TV. Maybe some of you are outraged that The Expendables, your favorite flick from last year, hasn’t seen any recognition from the councils out west. Maybe some of you are pulling for The Black Swan over The Social Network. You could be one of the few who actually saw the chilling thriller Winter’s Bone that is currently circulating the perimeter of the media. This blogger’s opinions will definitely surface in the next few months, but to kick us off, let’s talk about a movie that won’t hit screens until 2012.

For 48 hours, everyone has paused their discussions about the looming Oscars to debate Christopher Nolan’s casting decisions for the third installment of his Batman franchise, The Dark Knight Rises. I heard a few weeks back that Nolan was casting one or two female parts for the new movie, and up for the roles were actresses Keira Knightley, Jessica Biel, and Anne Hathaway. Much to my surprise, he cast Hathaway.

But not only did he cast everyone’s favorite ugly duckling, he cast her as Cat Woman. When Halle Berry played the role, she strutted across the screen in black leather so tight it inspired fantasies of adolescent boys that I’m sure they still harbor today.

So here we have Anne. America loves Anne. She has charmed us as the big-haired, nerdy princess, Meryl’s bitch, and–most recently–a strong-willed artist with Parkinson’s. She was less charming but even more powerful in Rachel Getting Married, a role that truly proved she had more than one note to play.

But Cat Woman? Cat Woman is an icon–a sexy, sultry icon. Anne Hathaway is beautiful, but her beauty is the approachable brand. It is endearing that she talks as fast as the Gilmore Girls when her character is nervous in a scene and that her big, open-mouthed laugh is reminiscent of a 1990’s rom-com Julia Roberts. It’s easy to doubt her ability to pull off sexy.

Anne Hathaway in "The Devil Wears Prada."

I doubt her a little, but there are a few signs that Anne can pull this off. She is, without a doubt, a tremendous actress. In movies, you see the role, not her. As someone who takes her work very seriously, you can be sure that she will dedicate herself to getting the character right.

But there is also a moment in The Devil Wears Prada where we catch a glimpse of where this dark and hot Anne Hathaway might come from. Fresh from her career’s second movie makeover, Anne waits for her boyfriend outside his work, leaning against a car in leather boots and a chic black outfit. Her eyes rise to meet his and she gives the camera a knowing little smirk. Cat Woman indeed.


2 thoughts on “Trading Plaid For Leather

  1. Sorry for the comment spam. Just one more ^^ As the resident Batman nerd in our group of friends, Catwoman’s character has gone through a number of iterations. Halle Barry wasn’t indicative of them, either.
    The original and standard Catwoman is sexy, but not overly so, and is obsessed with cats to a strange degree. To that effect, Hathaway could pull off the slightly quirky cat-obsessed burglar with a touch of the feminine much better than Halle or a standard sultry actress.

    • It’s not that I don’t think Anne Hathaway will do an ok job, it’s that I think the choice could have been better. I was talking with some people about who I thought would be better this week, and we came up with Mila Kunis. What do you think about her?

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